Greenhouse Beauty Influencer + Blogger Collab

Greenhouse Beauty Collab

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to attend an exclusive blogger + influencer brunch hosted by the newly-opened brick + mortar shop, Greenhouse Beauty – a non-toxic beauty boutique owned + operated by the lovely, Rachel Postovoit, located in Old Lyme, CT.

Greenhouse Beauty is a chic, organic glam-haven; established on promoting the values of health, wellness & vitality. The company was founded on the belief that skincare + makeup should meet all of our beauty essential needs; without the harmful exposure to disease-causing toxins, unhealthy additives and unnatural excess found in the majority of products today.

A charismatic, organic beauty guru and driven entrepreneur, Rachel’s passion for educating + guiding her clients on their health + wellness ventures has evolved into the establishment of her highly-successful brand. Her warm, serene disposition is what permeates the Greenhouse Beauty space with its signature zen ambiance. With a BA from University of Connecticut, she has over 10 years of corporate experience in the beauty industry – at Lush, Bare Minerals and Sephora.

During the brunch, I was able to meet the most dynamic group of extraordinary women, whose compelling blogs + brands have made a considerable impact within the social media community. From personal stylists, beauty buffs, green living advocates, fashionistas, financial advisors, marketing experts + more – there were so many intriguing new faces!

Greenhouse Beauty
Greenhouse Beauty In-Store Product Shelf

Bloggers + Influencers In Attendance:

All of us had the chance to sample Greenhouse Beauty products and ask questions regarding ingredients, quality and application. The shelves were lined with various all-natural beauty + skincare brands, including Dr. AlkaitisKahina Giving BeautyUrsa MajorOrgaidGressa SkinHynt Beauty, NAO Ayurveda, Lily Lolo, Cleo & Coco, PRIM Botanicals, YAYA Organics, Earthwise Beauty, Crux Supply Co., LUA Skincare, Pink Light Botanicals, LXMI, Intelligent NutrientsEcobrowBattington Beauty, Sidekick Cosmetics, Drew’s Honeybees,  WKND Cosmetics and products by Hazel Made.

The vast product range of pure, all-natural products was astounding; the shop carries an array of fragrances, deodorants, body oils, face oils, masks, mists, primers, serums, scrubs, balms, cleansers, moisturizers, creams, tonics, toners, SPF lotions, haircare products, lipsticks, mascara, brow wax, concealer, eyeliners, lash glue, pressed powders, blush, bronzer, eyeshadows, brushes and foundations.

Greenhouse Beauty Bag
Greenhouse Beauty Swag Bag Products

Not to mention specially-formulated products designed to help improve the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, acne outbreaks, eczema and various other skin conditions.

There was also an entire section dedicated to all-natural beard-care for men – featuring an assortment of oils, soaps and balms. It was mesmerizing to see such an extensive selection of ethical beauty brands + raw skincare products all in one place!

Each blogger-influencer in attendance was gifted thoughtfully-curated sample goody bags, which included an assortment of Rachel’s most beloved in-store products for us to try:

Greenhouse Beauty Bag:

Bonus Products:

The *delicious peach mimosas, dynamite noms and heavenly products contributed to an unforgettable evening. The company + conversations opened my mind on so many different levels. I can’t thank Greenhouse Beauty enough for such a meaningful brand-influencer collaboration experience!

Greenhouse Beauty Brunch
Greenhouse Beauty Brunch Table Setting

Before visiting Greenhouse Beauty, I was under the impression that ‘healthy makeup’ was a mere myth (aka the biggest oxymoron ever). In fact, I had given up on the thought of finding makeup or skincare containing natural, nourishing ingredients altogether.

Just when I was convinced that the word ‘organic’ was code for ‘monopolized, experimental branding fad’ – this company re-defined the concept entirely. I can honestly say, there’s no shop I trust more than Greenhouse Beauty for my clean beauty needs.

Although slightly reluctant to deviate from the toxic makeup I had been so stubbornly clinging onto, I urged myself to step outside of my comfort zone in the name of green beauty. I decided to try a new concealer (Hynt Beauty Duet Concealer) and foundation (Gressa Skin Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation) to take the place of my go-to Tarte Cosmetics (Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer + Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation).

Let me just say – in one day [ONE DAY] I could feel the difference in my skin. The makeup application was so seamless, light and airy but provided the full coverage that I didn’t want to forgo. The texture of my skin noticeably improved over the course of 1 week; from dry and cracked to hydrated and supple. I paired these makeup picks with a new + improved skincare regimen (courtesy of the Greenhouse Beauty swag bag).

Greenhouse Beauty Brunch
Greenhouse Beauty Brunch Table Setting

So far, I’m 10+ days into using green beauty products and my skin feels healthier than it ever has! With first ingredients like broccoli seed oil, jojoba, coconut, lavender, rosemary, shea, lemon balm, licorice root, seaweed + Vitamin E (to name a few) – the better question is why wouldn’t my skin feel magical?

For my skincare regimen, I’ve been utilizing a combination of Kahina Giving Beauty’s Argan OilUrsa Major’s Golden Hour Recovery Cream and Dr. Alkaitis’ Organic Eye Cream.

Currently Using:

In passing, the documentary, The Human Experiment (2013) (available to stream on Amazon) was also mentioned. As a lover of all things truth-seeking and corruption-exposing, I couldn’t wait to check it out. When I finally watched it, I found myself glued to and appalled at the information disclosed in this doc. Nothing could have prepared me for what I learned about a problem that had been staring me right in the face my entire life.

Despite all of the ‘conspiracy truths’ (as I like to call them) that I’ve been exposed to over the years, I found this to be one of the most shocking. A universal problem, hiding in plain sight, this film reveals the critical effects of toxic products we consume every day, and the unsettling facts regarding the FDA and CDC.

The importance of product transparency and becoming aware of the disease-causing ingredients we consume on a daily basis is invaluable. Understanding how those products affect our overall long-term health, and actively making better consumer decisions, can spark tremendous global change.

Greenhouse Beauty Space
Greenhouse Beauty Lounge Space

What I valued most about the Greenhouse Beauty brand, is how carefully products have been selected for its clientele. Whether you’re a health + wellness advocate, in the midst of fighting cancer/illness, are new to motherhood – or – are just looking to make the switch to more natural products – this is a brand designed with the well-being of people at the forefront.

After meeting Rachel and discussing all things beauty + skincare, it is evident that her purposeful passion is to make a world of difference; sharing her extensive industry knowledge with others and forming healing connections through her genuine love for the human spirit.

Next time I visit Greenhouse Beauty, my mind is at ease, knowing that every product in-store + online has been thoroughly researched + approved with Rachel’s expertise.

If you’re interested in Greenhouse Beauty – the amazing products they sell, and additional services they provide, you can find out more information here! I would definitely recommend stopping in to check out this charming, industrial-chic shop, first-hand.

Stay beautifully you!


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