A Message For You –

Sometimes things cross my mind, thoughts I feel like should be shared with someone who needs it. You are someone, and you’ve lived quite a life, so I hope these words help you; that you feel seen & heard. When you’re on your way, I hope this is something that speaks to you and carries you through if you need it.

If no one told you today, I hope you know –

You are kind

You are loved

You are loving

You are strong

You are courageous

You are charismatic

You are unique

You are badass

You are worthy

You are worthy.

Never, ever forget that at the heart of you is a light, that can never be extinguished; it is everlasting, it is gracious, it is pure and it is you. It is there at the core of spirit; it is there amidst the experiences undergone on this worldly plane. The growth of spirit you’ve endured is something to be immensely proud of. I just wanted to say it, incase you don’t hear it in your head enough – you are worthy and deserve all the kindness and love in the world. Even as we aspire to grow and change, it is still crucial to give ourselves the love of this moment, here and now. On your way, remember that the love we so crave is in our very hearts; it resides in the infinite-ness of our spirits before we even become children of this world. Nothing is ever lost, and whatever becomes lost can always be found again. From stranger to stranger, if no one has told you today, I am proud of you and who you have become, who you strive to be.

It is never easy, but I’ve oftentimes found that forgiveness can offer profound healing within. It has been said that everyone is always doing the best they can; even when someone’s best is really, really f*ckin sh*tty. Like horrendous. Sometimes someone’s best is ludicrous, toxic, insane, unkind, abusive. This awareness is never to excuse the behavior, but makes it easier to approach forgiveness as the freedom to take your power back. Remember that someone’s actions are exactly that – their own; independent of what you do – or do not – do. We act, based on our own rules, beliefs, habits and experiences we acquire throughout life. And my best guess is that our unique experiences are cultivated and curated based on the specific lessons that we’re here to learn. Even if you can’t see it now, the growth that you have accomplished simply by existing and standing tall at the end of the day; continuing to stand in your truth, is a f*cking feat to be proud of. Holding onto things manifests. Enter forgiveness – the act of ‘letting go’ releases; purifies. Forgive people who need to be forgiven. It may not be deserved; some things at times feel virtually unforgivable. But you do, deserve the peace, solace and freedom that comes with the act of forgiving. You deserve peace within; you deserve grace, and to be happy, to feel at ease, to feel contentment and love. We all do.

Vulnerability is strength; patience is wisdom; silence is powerful. If no one has told you today, I see you. What you have chosen goes beyond you, and into a space of profound healing for others who need it too, when you’re ready to share what you’ve learned with the world. I hope that you find contentment and peace, that you find the joy of being you and accept yourself fully in all the glory of both the good and bad experiences. At the end of the day, the only opinion that matters most about yourself, is your own. It fuels your perception of yourself and how you show up for others in the world; how you show up for yourself. Be kind, to you. I hope more than anything, you truly understand that without the accolades, the skills, the talents, abilities, and ‘wins’ you’ve built for yourself – you are still and will always be more than enough. You are still and will always be worthy of love, praise, celebration and recognition as you are, whole, without any attachments. This world can be cruel, I think that is true; but I also think there are moments of magic in the midst that can breath life, hope and love into our very hearts. Always remember that despite the things in life that harden us, that magic – even if but a glimpse or spec of a spark; a mere ember can be rekindled and light our way home. There is profound love, truth and healing in ‘ordinary moments’; the touch of a gentle breeze, the rain on our skin, the fading of a sunset into the horizon line and the stars illuminating within the sky above. Those ARE the moments, so don’t forget to pay attention. There is so much grace and joy and excitement to be found in those forgotten yet monumental instances; those moments are everything. Remember the kid within; the one with imagination, and vitality; inhibition-less and unafraid. There is so much beauty to unfold and incredible experiences to be had beyond our perception awaiting in both the here and now and in the future.

It’s safe to ‘just be’; to breathe, be still, to be calm. It’s safe to rest, it’s safe to do nothing and yet everything at the same time. As you are, fully, in this moment, regardless of where you roam, what you go through now (then or in the future) you are enough. Above all, forgive yourself. Because it’s true that we oftentimes fall short of who we wish to be and are hardest on ourselves regarding where we are at. But the same forgiveness you so graciously give others is the same forgiveness you need to look into the mirror and give to yourself. Because it does start with you, and your healing, first and foremost.

There is no mountain too grand, no feat too great, no dream out of reach for those with the purest intent, consistent effort and faith. If no one told you today, I hope you know you’re great and capable and grand and extraordinary. And I hope as you read these words you smile, because you know it’s true and you see in you what I see. And I hope that as you question and wrestle with whether or not you should give yourself that recognition and kindness, that you remember unconditional love is something we seldom grant to ourselves, yet in every season of your life, everyone deserves to feel that love; to be transformed by that love.

So today, if you do anything at all, forgive yourself and mean it; forgive others and mean it. And remember that the version of who you strive to be is never out of reach; and the work you’ve done thus far is something to be proud of. When you show up for yourself, you can then show up for others who need you. Ultimately, someone either does – or will need – this specific version of you with your exact experiences, mindset, beliefs, rules and habits that make you, ‘you’. They’re going to need the person you are, to get them through a time; and you might be placed in the right place at the right time, in all of your relatability, shadows and light, to help them make it through. There is a version of you that is made to be reachable to the right people that need you now, like you may have needed someone then.

Keep healing, keep growing, keep resting along your path when needed. And know that you are never, ever truly alone. There are far greater forces beyond the human experience; beyond what the human eye can see, hear or touch. And even when we are ‘alone’, we never really are; and when we feel our loneliest, weakest, etc. that is when we are carried by no measure of our own.

Wishing you true lasting happiness and profound healing, from one stranger to another.

“When you truly are in the here and now, you’ll be amazed at what you can do, and how well you can do it.” – Peaceful Warrior

You got this,

Header Image: IG @ thistle.woodphoto

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